Steredenn Physical Switch Edition Coming Soon from Super Rare Games

There’s always room for more shooters, especially pixel art ones.  Steredenn has been kicking around on PC for a good while now and just arrived on Switch earlier this year, but that was a digital-only release.  Super Rare Games is about to correct that with its pending release of Steredenn: Binary Stars next Thursday, putting the randomized shooter on cartridge to spice up your gaming rack for years to come.  The release is limited to 3,000 copies, which at current selling levels means it will probably be around for a couple of weeks before selling out.  It’s a reasonable supply window for a small-press release, and while Super Rare Games (homepage here) doesn’t tend to get quite the same level of attention as fellow small-press publisher Limited Run Games its been on a roll lately with some very nice releases.  Snake Pass on Switch is just wrapping up its supply, N++ has a good stock left, and with Steredenn: Twin Stars next week that’s three in a row that make me wish I could afford everything I ever wanted.

Steredenn: Twin Stars is a good one.  The semi-roguelike horizontal shooter has grown into a gorgeous pixel-art beast since its initial release, gaining new modes, ship types, weapons, and plenty of other goodies that continually expanded its scope, letting each new run play differently.  The semi-roguelike aspect comes from the randomized encounters drawn from a deep well of hand-crafted challenges and boss encounters, as well as the random assortment of power-ups dropped along the way, so while you can’t memorize your way through you can adapt on the fly to a difficult but fair heavy-action shooter.  Barring a surprise PS4 announcement this will be its only physical release, so if you’re interested then it’s best to get while the getting is good.