Gear.Club Unlimited 2 Launch Trailer Revealed

Last year’s outstanding Gear.Club Unlimited finally has a follow-up – and Microids has unveiled its launch trailer. The sequel adds in more than 1,800 miles of track with a variety of different locales. You can race through a park, the desert, or enjoy a bit of the water alongside the coastline. There are 250 races available and over 50 vehicles – with a roster that is set to expand over time. The original game stood out in part for being a sim-style racer on the Switch, but also for its in-depth garage customization – and that trend will continue with the sequel. There are now seven different types of shops available to better-optimize your cars, and race them on all kinds of conditions. Beyond traditional asphalt, you’ll also have rally races on dirt, sand, and snow alongside traditional races on ice that require more careful maneuvering to excel in.

Gear.Club Unlimited 2 can be enjoyed either offline or online, and the online mode looks far more robust as well. You can create a racing club and recruit players to battle ghost times, and in a surprising move, the online portion of the game won’t require a Nintendo Online membership to use. Local multiplayer is also available with up to four players able to enjoy split-screen racing action. Gear.Club Unlimited 2 is developed by Eden Games and published by Microids as both a physical and digital release on the Switch.