Skellboy Coming to Nintendo Switch with New Reveal Trailer

There’s a reason a skeleton is a synonym for “framework”.  Once you’ve got one functioning you can bolt parts on for any number of functions, like replacing the skull with a pumpkin.  It probably does something useful but honestly, a pumpkin-headed skeleton is its own reward.  Skippy was peacefully dead until a necromancer did what necromancers do, reanimating the entire kingdom’s supply of corpses and monstrosities but accidentally getting a hero capable of putting everything back in the ground it rose from. Now Skippy semi-lives again to reinstate peace in the kingdom of Cubold, slashing his way through an action-RPG whose sprites got fattened up on a steady diet of voxels.  The skeletal warrior runs through the interconnected lands hacking down every monster in his path and swapping out body parts as better ones become available, gaining new abilities as he does and tapping whatever toes he’s currently equipped to the chiptunes soundtrack.

Skellboy is coming to the Nintendo Switch sometime in 2019 and looks like a perfect fit for the system.  Check out the announcement trailer below to see the undead cuteness in action.