Below Finally Gets a (Sudden) Release Date

For slightly over five years now, Capybara Games’ Below has been one highly anticipated roguelike game. After making an astounding impression on people at E3 2013, the devlopers have been working extremely hard on the game, making sure to give it the best polish possible. This even meant having to put development on a hiatus while working on other projects, to make sure quality didn’t suffer. But now, after half a decade, Capybara are finally announcing a release date for Below. And it happens to be a mere nine days from now! Quite the sudden miracle!

Yes, in just over a week, players will finally get to experience Below in all its glory. And accompanying this announcement is a new trailer, naturally, which you can check out below. The procedural labyrinths of The Isle are ready for adventurers to explore, filled with mysteries and dangers of all kinds. More of the latter, likely. The emphasis on exploration, discovery, and simple yet highly effective gameplay has won us over so far, so let’s see if the finished product lives up to the years of development. Below comes out on December 14 for XB1 and Steam, so make sure not to miss it.