Musynx Surprise-Releases Onto Steam

Music is always fun to play with.  If learning a real instrument is a bit too much then tapping along to the beat is an acceptable substitute, whether that be whacking big plastic drums, stomping on a pad on the floor, or poking at the prompts on a touch-screen.  Musynx originally came out on Android/iOS before making the leap to consoles this year and as of today it’s also found a home on PC.  It’s a fully-featured note-scroller where the bars come down the screen and you need to hit the right keyboard key with proper timing to earn a decent grade at song’s end.  There’s no score, only combo, and so long as you don’t miss you’ve kept the combo alive, but there’s a certain amount of pride at stake in getting as many Exact ratings as possible.  For those finding the default a little easy there are plenty of options to speed up the note-drops, an easy and hard mode for each song, and you can even switch from four note-lanes to six.  To top it off, the PC pricing structure is set up like the mobile version, with a $3.99 entry point getting 48 full-featured songs while the $24.99 Friends Forever DLC gets you 84 more tracks plus all potential future updates.  Even if you go for the vanilla version that’s a huge amount of gameplay, and while I’ve only gotten to poke at a handful of songs since its release a few hours ago I can see it pulling me back for more.  There are a lot of good note tracks in there and they won’t be tapping themselves.

Musynx is available now on PC.  Give the trailer below a look to get a sense for the breadth of its customizable difficulty levels, or just drop a handful of change on Steam to play it for yourself.