Bury me, my Love Makes Its Journey to Nintendo Switch, PC Next Year

Playdius and The Pixel Hunt have announced a release date for the upcoming Bury me, my Love.

The story-driven interactive title will launch on January 10, 2019, for Nintendo Switch and PC.

The BAFTA-nominated title, which was released in 2017 for iOS and Android devices, takes place during the Syrian civil war.

Players step into the role of Nour, a young refugee who loses her sister in the conflict and plans to escape to Europe.

As Nour, players will be able to keep in contact with her husband, Majd, who has remained behind in Syria to look after his mother and grandfather.

Bury me, my Love’s core mechanics were inspired by WhatsApp and Lifeline. According to The Pixel Hunt, the name of the title takes its inspiration from the following Arabic expression: “Take care, and don’t even think about dying before I do.”

The developer reiterates that its characters and story are a work of fiction, but it sought out the advice of real-life refugees in its development.

“Our two main characters, Nour and Majd, are fictional,” Pixel Hunt wrote on its website. “They do not exist, or rather, they exist collectively.

“They are a multitude of men, women and children: Dana [a Syrian refugee], her mother, her brother-in-law… as well as thousands of others who flee their country — or watch their relatives flee — all in hopes of finding a better life in Europe.

“This story is about those who achieve that goal. It is about those who don’t. It is about those who die trying. It is about the world around us. Something which we hope will lead you to keep pondering on after it is over.”

Guillaume Jamet, the head of publishing for Playdius, told Hardcore Gamer: “We are very excited that we can bring the game to Nintendo Switch and PC so even more people can experience it.

“The feedback we got from the initial launch and awards like the BAFTA nomination were really heartwarming and overwhelming. I think it really shows that there is demand for games dealing with serious topics.”

Editor’s note (12/10/18): This story has been amended to include the quote from Guillaume Jamet. The rest of the content remains the same.