Monster Hunter: World Planning Huge Free Updates and DLC Expansion Coming 2019

Players excited to see what was coming next for Monster Hunter: World were excited to hear that we were getting a Developer Update, and from it many new bits of information got revealed. The first was that Kulve Taroth is coming back, but this time Arch-Tempered with a brand new deadly mode to push it back into. This special Kulve Taroth will only be available from 4PM Dec 19 to 3:59PM Jan 3. Arch-Tempered Nergigante will also be joining the battle in early 2019.

As a thank you to hunters playing for nearly a year, Monster Hunter will be hosting a special Appreciation Fest for players to participate in. This includes new quests, special armors and of course all returning event quests. While there’s no set date for this yet, players will be able to enjoy it later when we receive the next update.

Fans of The Witcher might be familiar with the next one, as Geralt is joining the fray in Monster Hunter in early 2019. His appearance will also include brand new quests never before seen in Monster Hunter, and brand new cutscenes including their favorite Witcher like never before.

The final announcement included the biggest thing players were anticipating: Monster Hunter World: Iceborne. This new mode not only includes a new story but also the G-Rank, new monsters, new world and even more. Those who currently have Monster Hunter: World can purchase this as an expansion in Autumn 2019 with more info coming in Spring.

Those who haven’t experienced Monster Hunter: World will also be able to temporarily try the Trial Version which covers quests up to 3 star, with save data that transfers to the full version and online for the available quests. This will start at 4pm on Dec 11 and run until 3:59PM Dec 17.

Currently all these updates are all planned for console with plans to update the PC version at a later date. Check out the trailers below for in-depth looks at what’s coming: