The Board is Set for Kingdom Hearts III’s Final Battle

Square Enix today dropped a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III highlighting the game’s upcoming clash.

After a decade of waiting, the Dark Seeker saga is finally heading towards its conclusion. In a month, players get to see the finale as Sora’s seven lights clash against Master Xehanort’s thirteen darknesses. While we wait, however, Square Enix’s latest trailer provides a tease.

The trailer may not spoil the coming final battle, but it does reveal new plot elements. The trailer showcases the confrontation between Vanitas and Sora, the relationship between Lea and Saix, and scenes that paint a dire picture. It also features the first gameplay footage for Riku. The trailer also features both of the game’s theme songs, ‘Don’t Think Twice’ and ‘Face My Fears.’ Finally, the end of the trailer showcases a brand new location never seen before.

Kingdom Hearts III is out January 29 on PS4 and Xbox One.