Life is Strange 2’s Second Episode Gets Release Date

Dontnod have finally given a specific release date as to when players can expect to return to brothers Sean and Daniel’s perilous trek across America in Life is Strange 2. The second episode, titled Rules, will be available across PS4, Xbox One & PC on January 24. On the run from the police following the events of episode one, Sean and Daniel’s trek skips forward to the winter periods where, as a result of taking refuge in their distant grandparent’s home, they encounter none other than Chris Eriksen, the protagonist of the singular episode demo/spin-off: The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit.

From the looks of things, players remain in control of Sean throughout the course of the episode though it’s unknown if the game will take into consideration any of a player’s input should they have previously played Captain Spirit or not, let alone how that release feeds back into the overall narrative regardless. At the very least, Dontnod have high expectations to meet following the release of the first episode last September.