Road Redemption Hits Xbox One – Game Now Available on All Consoles

Road Redemption has been playable on PC via early access for quite a while, but its console releases earlier this year raised its profile. The Switch release showcased the best Road Rash-style game on a Nintendo system ever, while the PS4 release brought that kind of gameplay back to Sony’s family of consoles for the first time in nearly 20 years. The Xbox One version is the first time a game like this has been playable on an Xbox console officially, and it’s a great fir given that the controls have been tailored from day one on PC to fit the Xbox One pad.

Games like Road Rage have promised a Road Rash-like experience, but nothing has come close to Road Redemption. It has everything that made Road Rash great, but a far better skill tree system and a more challenging difficulty curve. The game blends a rogue-lite progression system that allows you to make progress in the campaign and keep it – but only if you do really well. Otherwise, you lose most of what you’ve earned and have to re-earn it on your next run. Those seeking a more pick up and play experience can play a race of various types across a few different areas, but enemies get tougher and tougher as you move forward while the stages themselves can fight you with things like hallucinations throwing many things at you. At $20, it’s a must-buy for anyone who enjoyed Road Rash and which platform you buy it on largely depends on your platform preference. The Switch version has a big benefit of being playable portably – and a game like this shines quite brightly  in that format.