Control Introduces Us to The Oldest House

Remedy Entertainment’s Control was one of the most welcome surprises to be announced this year, given the developer’s unique stories. And now after Alan Wake and Max Payne, their latest game plans to spin an epic yarn about a secret government organization that combats the supernatural. Sure, that may not sound too unique at first. But you have yet to properly meet the game’s setting, the Oldest House. That’s the Manhattan skyscraper that Federal Bureau of Control operates out of. But why listen to us describe it when Max Payne himself, James McCaffrey, can do so in the latest trailer?

McCaffrey plays former Bureau Director Zachariah Trench, whose overall fate is unknown. Players will be playing as new Bureau Director Jesse Faden instead, and she has a lot to work with. The Old House sees various other dimensions leak into it, which as the clip shows, leads to a large amount of surreal, bizarre, creepy, and space-bending stuff. A good chunk of which is not even human. Maybe not even describable. And yet, somehow, it’s the sight at the one-minute mark that’s the most unsettling. How…why…what is that, even? We’ll have the answers when 505 Games helps release Control for XB1, PS4, and PC next year, but for now, enjoy the new clip.