Double Llamasoft Day With PC Release of Both Minotaur Arcade and Polybius

Sometimes it takes years between releases from a favorite developer and sometimes two happen at once.  The former is a maybe just a tiny little bit more common, but when the latter happens it’s like some kind of holiday taking place four days from now.  Llamasoft is one of those developers with a hardcore fanbase, primarily because it does one thing and has world-class skills in the execution, so getting both Polybius and Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 on PC on the same day is like finding a reasonably-priced unicorn.

Polybius is the PC version of the PS4 tube shooter, where you pilot an x-winged ship over a new surface-shape per level and shoot everything down while going faster than it feels like the human eye can keep up with.  It’s been a showpiece for people justifying their shiny headsets since it came out last year, and now Rift users get a chance to play.  Both of today’s games support VR rather than require it, but speaking as someone who owned the game on PS4 before getting the PSVR I can say that once you’ve played it in the headset you don’t go back.

Side-note-  In other Polybius news, it got circulated a while back that Jeff Minter (Llamasoft game designer) was disappointed that the game never made anything, essentially being a bit of a flop on PS4.  Turns out that was an accounting error and Polybius actually did pretty ok for itself.

The other release today is Minotaur Arcade Volume 1, which is a two-game collection of Gridrunner and Goat Up.  Gridrunner is a deeply intense shooter that rarely lets off the gas for more than a second at a time, constantly accelerating to newer and more chaotic bursts of voxelized madness, while Goat Up is Llamasoft’s first platformer.  The full review is right over here for more details, but the short version is that even if it was just Gridrunner then MAV1 would be required gaming.

Steam is a bit of a mess with the holiday sale, so to simplify things for those interested you can find Polybius over here, and Minotaur Arcade Volume 1 right here.