The Blackout Club Gets an Enhanced Horror Update

Given how many amazing and/or notable games came out or were announced this year, it was probably inevitable that a few developments concerning some titles would pass through our cracks. But how did we miss the announcement that The Blackout Club was now available in Early Access? The co-op horror game looked quite impressive when it was announced earlier this year, and now here it is. And with its latest major update out today, no less. The Enhanced Horror update not only bring new additions to The Blackout Club, but a 20% discount for the Steam Winter Sale, so now there’s an even bigger temptation to check it out.

So what’s new in the town of Redacre, where kids investigate a series of cult-like abductions? Well, holiday decorations are now strewn about the suburban area, per the season. That makes things a bit merrier when having to avoid the invisible boogeyman known as the Angel. That entity has received challenge adjustments, and power rebalancing is in play for our player characters as well. Speaking of which, new minor powers are thrown in, along with an all-new mission. But for players with more experience, there’s the new Dream Therapy area as well. Unlocked at Level 7, it’s a large, mysterious maze to check out.

Then there’s the Enhanced Horror System, which you can choose to opt into. It actually records your vocalizations for a more immersive experience. You can read about the new additions in further detail in the update here, if you’d like. In addition, a few new cryptic clips were released, which you can see below. The Blackout Club is now available in Early Access, with a full release set for next year, which gives us hopefully yet another killer game to look forward in 2019.