The Revolutionary is Agent 47’s Next Target

Now that Sean Bean has either slipped away or been decidedly dealt with by Agent 47, the time has come for the world’s deadliest assassin to take up his next contract. This time, he’ll be going to Colombia in order to silence a wannabe dictator who holds a potentially embarrassing secret.

Vincente Murillo fits the unstable military dictator mold to a T. He’s a habitual liar who has a drinking problem and thinks way too highly of himself. Nothing about this man is exceptional enough to put him in Agent 47’s crosshairs, but the revolutionary does happen to hold a very nasty piece of information about a former backer. In short, he knows too much and has long outlived his usefulness. Time to get to work 47.

As with all elusive targets, the window of opportunity on this guy is very limited. Agent 47 has until December 30 to silence Murillo for good, and he’s only going to get one chance. If he let’s it slip by, then Murillo will ensure that he doesn’t get a second one.

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