Screenshot Saturday Featuring Katana Zero, Project Downfall, Many More

Hello everyone, and welcome back to yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where we highlight some of the most interesting developers and games that use the #screenshotsaturday hashtag to help promote their latest projects and developments! Now, there’s a chance that you may have noticed Screenshot Saturday was MIA last week. This was largely due to the whole HG staff being busy at the time with…well, things that will become obvious in about a week or so. Still, my apologies for not having anything then.

But now that we’re on what will likely be the final Screenshot Saturday of 2018 – taking at least one weekend off for the holidays – now we get to combine the best of last weekend with the best of this weekend and everything else in between, throwing out the rules one last time for what should hopefully be an impressive edition of Screenshot Saturday to help close out out the year! So happy holidays, and let’s jump right into things already!!

Doko Roko- Still one of the most impressive-looking hi-bit 2D side-scrollers in the works, what we have here is a more calmer snapshot of our hero’s journey up the mammoth, procedually generated Tower. And when you take even a small moment to stop and soak things in, you can still see just how much effort this one-man studio put has put into everything, including this little slice of life presented here. Can’t wait for more!

Sea Salt- Look, when you’re an Eldritch being that’s unleashing a plague upon humanity, you need your wrath to still be as organized and effective as possible. So allowing everything from swarms of locusts to massive shambling terrors from the deep to move at the same pace certainly helps things out, and from a gameplay perspective, makes sure things are still fun. Because you can’t just half-ass an apocalypse, of course.

Widower’s Sky- How exactly does zipping around and leaving light trails tie into the emotional journey of a father, son, and their dog? I myself am not entirely sure at the moment, but damned if it doesn’t look amazing, with the impressive lighting and lush background. The only downside is that it may be TOO fun, as seen in this other tweet with it that suggests the developers got addicted to this feature…

The Wild at Heart- We don’t know right now if the giant amphibian here that squirts ooze is an enemy or not (though one can’t help but get a Pan’s Labyrinth vibe from things here, suggesting the former), but either way, it still looks absolutely stunning. This fantasy adventure has always looked astonishing in still shots alone, so glad to see it looks just as amazing in action as well.

MegaSphere- The world of MegaSphere may be randomized each time you play, but this pixelated action game still has an intriguing story at its core about the investigation of disappearing stars. And once again, it’s the calmer bits like this that play an important part, providing a bit of intrigue and world-building all while looking incredibly gorgeous. A nice bit of downtime before you have to whip out the flamethrower again.

Dark Devotion- Okay, I have a personal rule that I never try to use the same game two editions in a row here in Screenshot Saturday, allowing for some space between to make sure things stay fresh. But a developer like Hibernian Workshop can only tempt me for so long, given how many jaw-dropping bite-sized chunks they showcase from their upcoming hardcore action-RPG. And this quick, fluid, eye-catching combo was the last temptation before I gave in. I’m only human, after all…

Katana Zero- This 2D Hotline Miami-esque side-scroller has been in the works for at least a couple of years now, but in case you still needed any proof that this game will be worth the wait, then all you may need is this one .GIF alone. Extremely smooth and slick slashing and slow motion topped off with a bit of bullet deflection in what looks like some insanely fun combat? Damn straight it looks worth it!

Project Downfall- Described as a mashup of Falling Down and John Wick, among other things, this stylish FPS goes heavy on the neon, retro aesthetics, and carnage. Case in point, having our protagonist here nailing a series of nut shots with a shotgun to rack up a high score, all captured with a VHS-style filter. Snazzy stuff, and it should hopefully make for a fun shooter.

Void Bastards- Because even when scavenging for supplies while hauling a bunch of prisoners across the galaxy, you still have to make the time to celebrate the Winter Solstice in one way or another. But for those of you in the Southern Hemisphere, don’t worry, this fun-looking comic-styled FPS/strategy game has you covered there as well.

ITTA- Well, when you’re trapped in a the post-apocalypse armed only with a rifle and accompanied by a ghost cat, having to right your way through a ton of bizarre experiences with bullet hell combat, it’s likely that a scenario such as this was as good as things were going to ever get. I mean, it may be a nightmare for our title character, but it looks like an action-packed blast for players.

Nowhere Prophet- You know, describing the screen impact shown here as something bigger card games have may come off as a bit like a joke at first, but it’s always the little things such as this that tend to showcase just how much hard work is being poured into the full game. So really, what we have here is a further vote of confidence for this roguelike, tactical deck-building game. So yeah, a little impact means a lot.

Prodeus- Because in case you’ve already played the likes of DUSK (which you should) and are still craving even more upcoming retro FPS games alongside Project Downfall from above, then here’s another chaser for you. The premise for this shooter still appears to be under wraps, but so far it appears to bring an intense amount of action and impressive enemy designs, as seen with this lightning-spewing beast here.

The Mind Sword- A grid-based fighting game certainly is one unique idea, but any good fighter also needs a likeable cast of colorful characters in order to properly stand out even further. So now we get to see some showcases of our Usagi Yojimbo-inspired cast, including this beefy lizard boy that can certainly bring the hurt, as seen here. So between a unique approach and characters like this, things are looking good so far!

Summer Catchers- Nothing beats an old-fashioned road trip, but when it involves a fast-paced arcade racer and a a blend of modern and fantasy elements, it is indeed a given that said trip may involve more than a few unique hazards for one’s rocket scooter. Having vines and totem pole chunks lodged in your machine may cause a bit of a wreck, but at least in makes for an interesting story and a fun game.

Wave Break- You know, up until now, I don’t any of us have truly desired a mix of Wave Race and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater with an arcade bent where you can play as a bear that can grind a motorboat off of nearly every surface imaginable. I don’t think any of us were expecting it, either, but this looks so awesome that we are now kicking ourselves for not wanting it in the first place.

Boneko- And naturally, we couldn’t end without a little snapshot such as this. Merry Christmas and happy holidays, everyone!!