VGHF Unveils First Footage and ROM of NES Version of SimCity

The Video Game History Foundation has been preserving game history for many years – but it’s rare that we’ve seen the fruits of their labors take shape so vividly. The long-unseen NES version of SimCity was known to exist and sold to game stores last year in Washington state. Today, the group went into great detail about the history of the game’s development and eventual cancellation in favor of the SNES launch incarnation.

The 8-bit version was nearly feature-complete with what was released on the SNES, with a few changes. The change in tile size limits creation a bit and takes away some of your building options. Still, it’s amazing to see just what was done on such limited hardware. A ROM of the game was also released alongside the deep dig on and enables players around the world to enjoy this unique version of a PC classic.