Following the Puzzle Trail in Lovely Freebie Foxhunt

There’s a cute little fox asleep on top of a small tan card, the only color in a world of white with a cloudless blue sky overhead.  The card has the fox’s face on it, and seeing as there’s nothing else to do you might as well see what’s on its flip side.  Reaching for either the fox or the card causes the animal to wake up and scamper off, leaving behind a message that’s the first of many.  As it turns out there’s nobody else in this endless landscape, so with the fox seeming like a friendly if shy little critter the best thing to do is follow the trail and see where it goes.  Besides, what kind of monster would leave a puzzle un-solved?

Foxhunt is a short little Myst-style puzzle game where old machinery is waiting for the right hands to bring it back to life.  The entire game is designed to be played in under an hour, the videogame equivalent of a cookie rather than full course meal, but it’s a tasty little cookie without a single wasted ingredient.  One puzzle leads to another, usually with a new card and a hint on where to go next, but the fox is only interested in clever people so it doesn’t leave clues for things you’ve done before.  It knows you’re smart and can figure it out.

Foxhunt is free on, and the current plan is to gauge interest in the game to see if it’s worth expanding into something bigger.  The answer is “Yes, need more!”, so go give it a play, PC or Mac, so the mystery of the fox and its world can get a proper explanation.  There’s a trailer below but honestly, it’s best to just go in cold on this one.