Sega Announces Release Dates For Mobile RTS Revolve8

A couple of months ago, Sega officially revealed a new mobile RTS game, Revolve8. Directed by Masayoshi Kikuchi and with characters designed by Koji Igarashi, it definitely appears to have some pedigree behind it. Taking place in the world of Imago, the game sees a war between various fairy tale and folklore characters that breaks out every century in order for the participants to gain a chance to rewrite their stories. It sounds quite interesting, and now we have the official release dates for Revolve8.

First, January 17 will see a pre-launch in the Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macao regions. On January 22, the first official launch begins in Japan. Finally, February 5 sees a global launch, when Revolve8 will be available worldwide in over a hundred countries and regions. Players can pre-resigter for iOS or Android right now, and with every pre-registration milestone, more rewards are set for players. Over 350,000 players have registered so far, which sounds like a potential success, so here’s hoping Revolve8 is a hit when it launches next year.