Procedurally Generated Metroidvania Game Skytorn Cancelled

Matt Makes Games has had tremendous success this past year with Celeste, but now it looks like one of the other games that they’ve been working with sadly won’t get a similar chance to shine. It was announced today by team lead Noel Berry that Skytorn, a procedurally generated metroidvania game, has now been cancelled. Work on the game began way back in 2014, with the game shown off in the intervening years at events such as PAX West.

In a post on Medium, Noel detailed the reasons behind the game’s cancellation. In short, the gameplay kept getting revamped as development continued, and the team never truly figured out what they wanted Skytorn to be. Set after a large cataclysm, the game would see players explore various floating islands. The last clip of Skytorn from 2016 can be viewed below. It’s sad to see such a promising title get cancelled, but with Noel stating that this has been a learning experience, here’s hoping their next game will be just as intriguing.