Slightly Mad Studios Entering the Console Arena

The company that is best known for its Project Cars franchise is going in a different direction. The London-based studio, Slightly Mad Studios, will be jumping into consoles with an open development virtual reality system. This comes from the CEO Ian Bell. Currently known as the Mad Box, Bell states it will support 4K and VR at 120 FPS. He is also promising a full engine for free to develop games on. This will be a standalone console much like the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, but is hoping that with providing a free development engine and featuring high hardware specs that developers will hop on the train. The engine is known as the Madness Engine.

Bell has claimed that the console won’t need to be crowdfunded and that he has investors in line to back the project. He is also looking at areas that “aren’t particularly available to other vendors at the moment.” Bell also claimed that the console hardware will be equivalent to a very fast PC two years from now. It will also support most major VR headsets. Strangely, this Twitter account was only created today, but the official Slightly Mad Studios Twitter has retweeted the posts. On another note, Slightly Mad Studios has also confirmed that Project Cars 3 is in development.