2019 Independent Games Festival Finalists Announced

As GDC prepares for March, the Independent Games Festival, a highlight of the event, has announced the finalists for its 21st awards ceremony. Going through over five hundred entries this year, the judges have settled on a varied and surprising bunch for the latest awards. Leading the pack is the monochromatic murder mystery Return of the Obra Dinn, with a whopping five nominations, including one for the Seumas McNally Grand Prize. That’s not to say there won’t be competition, though. Detailed pixelated roguelike Noita, ’90s internet-adventure Hypnospace Outlaw, and mysterious voyeur simulator Do Not Feed the Monkeys each have three nominations, and are up for the grand prize as well.

Rounding out the Seumas McNally Grand Prize nominees are alchemy puzzler Opus Magnum, with two nominations, and bite-sized Zelda tribute Minit, serving as the dark horse with one nomination (though definitely still a big one). Other notable nominees across other categories include Forgotton Anne, Moss, Unavowed, and Wandersong, among others. You can check out the full list of nominees and honorable mentions over at the official IGF site. The Independent Games Festival’s awards ceremony will be held on March 20 during GDC, so stay tuned then to see who wins.