New Fitness Boxing Trailer Showcases Game’s Features

Fitness Boxing is Nintendo’s next stab at integrating gaming with fitness. There really hasn’t been much done for that market since the end of the Wii, and now you can use your Joycons to do things like jabs and uppercuts – while making sure they’re securely on your wrists. The game has several different trainers and training types, and you can customize the look of your trainers. Fitness Boxing blends hand-eye coordination with fitness by allowing you to time your punches to the beat of popular songs. The songs are featured in an instrumental form, which allows you to hear the in-game trainer easier. Up to two people can play the game with either a single Joycon or a set of them, and there’a free demo available on the eShop to see if you like the game’s format. The full game will be released on January 4.