Saturn Action-RPG Linkle Liver Story Gets English Fan Translation

Linkle Liver Story has long been heralded as one of the Sega Saturn’s best action RPGs – but it was one of the many top-shelf games for that platform only available in Japan. As an RPG with a lot of text, it was the kind of game you could get through with a walkthrough, but would still have some trouble with outside of basic item menus and the like. It’s an action-heavy RPG, which is fairly rare nowadays and unlike most classically-influenced RPGs out now, this one is straight up from the 32-bit era and has incredibly high-fidelity artwork. The team behind the translation has gone above and beyond by also including a full color manual. The game itself only goes for around $20 now – making it easy to pick up a copy and create a patched version of it to enjoy.