Sega Teases Sheep-Related News on Bayonetta’s Steam Page

Yes, you have read that headline correctly. Earlier today, Bayonetta’s Steam page was updated with a rather cryptic post. Simply just a picture of a sheep and a “Baa” title. Notably, this isn’t the first time they’ve used the PC edition of Bayonetta for such a tease, with an update in 2017 eventually leading to the reveal of a PC port for Vanquish. But now the gaming community is wondering what this sudden sheep could possibly mean.

The general consensus is that this is Catherine-related, given the Atlus puzzler’s sheep motifs and the Full Body remaster due later this year. So are we looking at news of a PC port for Catherine: Full Body? A port of the original version of Catherine for Steam? Or maybe even something completely unrelated to Catherine? We’ll just have to find out later, but for now, enjoy that mysterious picture of our wool-covered friend.