Screenshot Saturday Featuring Demon’s Tilt, Small Saga, Many More

Well, after a quick holiday hiatus, we are finally back with the first Screenshot Saturday of 2019!…But not necessarily back with a full-on bang. Things seen to be a tad light when it comes to the #screenshotsaturday hashtag this weekend (even dipping into last weekend as well didn’t provide much), at least compared to previous weeks. So we have a smaller featured crop this time (but a damn fine one nonetheless), and hopefully things pick up later as more announcements from big and small devs alike leading up to the likes of GDC and PAX allow for new titles to pop up.

But if I may, how about we make up for this with a quick mention of another showcase for promising indie games via a hastag on Twitter?

The creation of Indie Gamer Chick, #DiscoverIndies is an event also designed to help promote indie games. As the tweet mentions, all you have to do is pick out any indie game on the first Friday of each month that you’ve never heard of, purchase it, play it, and send your thoughts on social media with the hashtag. So like Screenshot Saturday, it’s a creative way to promote these kinds of games, and there have been several amazing shared titles so far, so we definitely recommend taking a look through the tag on Twitter, or better yet, joining in on the fun yourself! But for now, though, on with our regular Screenshot Saturday show…

Knights and Bikes- Here’s a game that may pop up here often in Screenshot Saturday, but that’s mainly because Foam Sword has pretty much mastered the art of crafting an incredibly fun-looking game. And truly, nothing says “fun ’80s Goonies/Zelda-esque adventure” like having to deal with a giant raging ball of fire in an abandoned amusement park. But again, damn, does it look gorgeous, especially with those new fire effects.

Resolutiion- Speaking of new effects, the shadows, clouds, and detailed landscapes certainly add a lot to this top-down action/adventure game and its mysterious city/world, so glad to see the developers going the extra mile to make them look as spiffy as possible. It may look like a vast wasteland that our soldier is trekking through in search of answers, but it’s a damn pretty one.

Renaine- Okay, so this one impressive-looking 8-bit platformer about a Phoenix Knight where the levels are randomized each time they die, there’s no doubt about that. But let’s focus on what’s the most truly important thing right now: THE ANIMAL SIDEKICK HAS A LITTLE HAT. 10/10, GOTY. Again, the rest of it looks pretty cool, but when you give animals hats, that is when you enter masterpiece territory.

Planetary Dustoff- If The Binding of Isaac has taught us anything, it’s that the proper combination of items in a top-down roguelike shooter can either be a lifesaver, or just incredibly fun to use. Or both, as seen here. You may be question how skeleton knights make it into a sci-fi setting for a moment, but then you see those laser boomerangs rip right through them again, and all you can think of is how much you want this combo when the game comes out.

Small Saga- The creator of Aviary Attorney has apparently decided that for a follow-up, they’ll set their sights on an entirely different species of small creatures. It looks like quite the impressive and humorous RPG so far, although one may question just how big that octopus is when compared to the size of the rats and their weapons. Whatever the case, it appears that a Swiss army knife easily makes short work of them.

Kine- Why yes, I have indeed seen Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (as all of you reading this should have as well)! And yes, I am completely on board with its styles being applied to other works, including puzzle games where living musical instruments attempt to reunite! It already looks to be a damn good game, so why not add a touch from a damn good movie as well?

Sole Light- Well, no one said getting to a bonfire with your friends wouldn’t always be easy. And that is especially true when you appear to live in a world that was crafted by M.C. Escher. On that note, while Monument Valley comparisons are likely to pop up, this still feels like one fascinating mobile puzzler that you should keep your eye out for.

Yan’s World- We’ve had homebrewed titles for the NES, Genesis, and other past consoles before, but now we have a developer taking on a rather intriguing challenge: A homebrewed Virtual Boy game. It may sound insane, but keep in mind that Virtual Boy Wario Land was a genuinely amazing platformer, and this appears to be following in its footsteps and looking quite charming so far, so this may very well work. And don’t worry, there are still plans for a PC port as well. Also, feel free to check out the developer’s Patreon page if you want to help contribute to things.

Demon’s Tilt- Seriously, how is it that with all of the retro throwbacks from this past decade, we haven’t seen anyone even TRY to start a revival of Devil’s Crush-style pinball games yet? Well, here’s hoping that when this title comes out in Early Access later this month, its road to an eventual full release generates more interest in the genre. But for now, enjoy this giant glowing lion head from what looks like a kickass pinball game.

Axe Cop- And wait, in a similar question as above, how the heck is it that there’s an official Axe Cop RPG in the works, let we haven’t officially covered it here yet? Alright, time to remedy that mistake. And indeed, the best remedy is a quick showcase of the gleefully insane logic and humor that’s made Axe Cop such a huge success. You do have to agree that a lot more resident Evil games would benefit from something like this, by the way.

She and the Light Bearer- Coming later this month, it’s hard to turn down a visual novel that looks this charming. Chronicling the tale of a brave and rather adorable firefly, this adventure sees you coming across a cast of rather colorful characters, including a reed that tells riddles. And judging by the goofy smile on their space, something tells me a “reed-les” pun is involved…

Octahedron- Yes, Octahedron is a game that was already released last year, and has gotten two award nominations from us just this past week. But those nominations (namely the one for “Best Surprise”) are pretty much why its upcoming Switch release is worthy of a mention here, making sure that those of you who haven’t checked it out yet don’t miss this hidden, trippy gem of a platformer.