Hyper Jam Gets Release Date Alongside New Trailer

Fast-paced action/puzzle hybrids have become a bit of an in-thing since Hotline Miami, but few truly mix up the formula. Instead of wide-open levels, Hyper Jam focuses on super-small arenas. This means that you can’t run and hide for very long and will be thrown out into the open a lot. If you want to survive, you will need to make sure to move quickly and attack wisely. The game’s bright neon-infused world comes alive on February 12 – so in a little over a month, you will be able to dart around the in-game world as a variety of characters and destroy your rivals. There are a variety of different weapon types available, with swords and a variety of guns being boosted with perks as the game goes on. The game has a lot of potential and looks like a must-play for anyone who loves a good, fair challenge alongside a break-neck pace.