Spider-Man Continues Strong Sales As PS4 Soars Past 90 Million Units Sold

It looks like Nintendo weren’t the only video game company to benefit from a strong holiday season late last year with Sony confirming that the PS4 has hit another critical milestone in terms of total hardware sales. Estimates by Sony themselves state that the PS4 has now sold in excess of 91 million units up to December 31, 2018. What’s more, of the roughly 876 million PS4 games sold since launch, around 50.7 million of these were sold during last year’s holiday period alone which equates to about 6% of this total. With rumors already circulating as to the impending announcement of the PS5 and the possibility that this may be the console’s last full year of relevancy so far as software support goes, the PS4 now trails the original PlayStation by just over ten million units. Though the PS2 continues to hold a seemingly unassailable lead with over 155 million units sold globally.

One of the big games no doubt a part of the holiday period’s surge for PS4 hardware and software alike, was none other than Insomniac’s rendition of Marvel’s Spider-Man which itself continues to one-up its own previous achievements so far as sales go — the game, within the space of two and a half months, racking up combined physical and digital sales of nine million copies.