The Textorcist Gets a Release Date to Type the Evil Away

Poking one’s nose where it doesn’t belong is one of the primary job descriptions for a two-fisted private eye, but that’s equally true for a two-fisted private exorcist.  The private eye has the easier job, though, because a case seeming to be nothing more than a random bum skipping town can stop when the sordid chain of events reaches the highest levels of government.  That’s a laughably ineffectual level of power compared to what demons bring to bear.  Ray Bibbia walks the mean streets of the exorcism beat, reversing the intrusions of the underworld and sending hellspawn back from whence they came.  It’s pretty straightforward, for the most part- all an exorcist needs to do is read the correct ritual while avoiding the demon’s assault.  Couldn’t be simpler, really, except the demons are from Bullet Hell and every word of the ritual needs to be manually typed out.  The Textorcist is a typing game where you need to multitask, with dodging being just as important as precise typing to survive everything the possessed can throw your way.

The Textorcist has been coming along for a while now, originally known as Ray Bibbia before getting a name change, and now it’s also got a release date of February 14.  Why Valentine’s Day is anyone’s guess, but if you’re not feeling the romance then exiling spirits back to the nether realms by the holy power of accurate typing is an excellent alternative.  Check out the (old) trailer below to see how it all works in practice.