FoxNext Games: Alien: Isolation 2 is Not in Development

FoxNext Games clarified that there is no Alien: Isolation 2 in development.

20th Century Fox’s broader efforts to expand the Alien IP don’t include a sequel to the beloved 2014 game. The company’s “ReadWatchPlay” endeavor will expand on the story of Isolation protagonist Amanda Ripley, but not through any AAA titles or films.

Developer FoxNext Games revealed Alien: Blackout earlier this week, a mobile title starring Amanda Ripley. In the game, players take on the role of Amanda as she attempts to guide fellow crew members to safety. Following the announcement, FoxNext Games garnered backlash from fans hoping for an Isolation 2 or another console Alien title. Comparisons have been made to the Diablo: Immortals announcement, which greatly angered fans expecting a Diablo IV announcement.

Speaking with Variety, TQ Jefferson, vice president of external development said he didn’t understand the comparison. In his eyes, Blackout is a premium mobile title whereas Diablo: Immortals is free-to-play mobile title. He also brushed off concerns that his company and parent company 20th Century Fox aren’t in tune with the Alien fanbase.

“But it’s not that binary,” Jefferson said. “There are a lot of stories we can tell in the franchise. We can tell more stories about Amanda Ripley without it being an ‘Isolation’ game.”

He also repeated that a AAA game set in the Alien universe is currently under development at Cold Iron Studios. Based on their past experience building online, FPS, and RPG games, it sounds like their title will be a far cry from Alien: Isolation. No word yet when we’ll get to finally see the game.