Open-World Artist Adventure Eastshade Gets Release Date

We’ve had open-world games so far where you can experience the lives of assassins, superheroes, treasure hunters, and many others. But what about the life of a traveling painter? And odd concept, sure, but one that the developers of Eastshade are clearly putting a lot of work into. A good chunk of the indie community has been buzzing about this title for a while, and now it’s finally set to come out next month, complete with a new trailer that you can check out below.

A peaceful title centering around exploration, Eastshade sees you exploring the titular island, composing paintings wherever you want and then giving them to the locals. Doing so and interacting with them allows you to learn more about them and the land’s mysteries in general. It sounds like nice, calming graphic adventure game, one that fans of the genre may want to check out. Eastshade come to PC on February 13, so make sure not to miss it.