Pikuniku Scores a January 24 Release Date

Pikuniku is gearing up to be a rather quirky and charming puzzle-platformer, as discussed in our preview of the game from a while back. So for those of you taken in by its charms and wondering when a release is coming, fear not. Devolver Digital’s new trailer for the game (seen below) shows that Sectorhub’s potential gem will be out by the end of this month. It also happens show a lot of other…um, interesting things as well.

Officially, Pikuniku is the story of a mysterious, long-legged red stranger who suddenly finds themselves trapped in a small town. Said town is under surveillance 24/7, where happiness is basically mandatory. So now it’s up to our hero to crack the conspiracy behind everything and find out what’s going on. Of course, as one may guess from the art style and the clip below, this involves a lot more events that are…well, just watch the trailer. Pikuniku is due out for Switch and PC on January 24, and this is some insanity you may definitely want to check out.