Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition Face-Off: Xbox 360 vs. Xbox One vs. Switch

Released over ten years ago, Tales of Vesperia is finally back and better than ever, at least with some caveats. This is a game that deserves the attention of everyone who plays role-playing games as it features a compelling cast of characters and an addictive combat system. While the PlayStation 3 version was never localized outside of Japan, the Definitive Edition looks to finally introduce the new and altered scenarios, alongside a higher resolution.

We took a look at the game on Xbox One and Switch (hopefully getting our hands on the PlayStation 4 edition soon) in comparison to the Xbox 360 version and came away fairly impressed.

Firstly, the biggest change is the 1080p resolution over the 720p standard from the last generation. This makes things significantly better in darker areas as locations such as the Quoi Woods are pitch black on Xbox 360, whereas you are actually able to see where you’re going in the Definitive Edition. The textures and shadows also seem to be increased for a little more clarity. Finally, the Xbox 360 version has a lower depth of field, which is carried over in the Switch version to blur the backgrounds, but the Xbox One barely has it, maintaining a more crisp image.

In comparison between the Xbox One and Switch versions, there isn’t a significant difference between the two outside of the depth of field, but there are a couple things. Firstly, the Switch version seems to lack anti-aliasing. Because of this, the Switch version’s cel-shading outline is a lot sharper, but not in a positive manner as it stands out instead of naturally blending in. It can make the outlines appear smaller than they should be.

Another area the Xbox One holds over the Switch version is the shadowing. The Xbox One is able to produce higher resolution, softer shadowing, best exemplified comparison image #5. The Xbox One also appears to have slightly higher resolution textures, although it’s not really large enough to make that much of a difference in most areas.

As one can expect, though, is that Tales of Vesperia Definitive Edition on Switch has the ability to be played in handheld mode with little to no disadvantages outside of reducing the resolution from 1080p to 720p. Both run very well with only a couple instances where the frame rate dropped, but never to a degree where it degrades the experience.

Below you will find the comparison shots. Left is Xbox 360, Middle is Xbox One and Right is Nintendo Switch. Due to issues, we have included uncompressed PNG images here.