Lovely Puzzle-Platformer Evergate Hops Onto Kickstarter

At this point it’s probably time to admit that there really is no limit to the number of ways one can travel across platforms.  Jumping from one to another is standard but by no means the only process.  There’s swinging, gun recoil, grappling, teleporting, and any number of other methods of transportation.  The spirit in Evergate comes with the standard bouncy hop, but getting airtime necessary to cover the gaps between one stable piece of ground and the next takes far more power than even a legless ghost can summon.  This is where its soulflame comes in, which is basically a beam of light that activates crystals.  The effect is dependent on the type of crystal, and getting the right result requires very careful targeting.  Line up a the beam shooting it through a crystal and into a platform beyond and you might swap places, or send a deadly pulse running up and down the beam to destroy everything it touches.  The destructive effect is useful if there’s a barrier between the spirit and the crystal, but not so helpful if it’s got a clean line to a poor spirit that should have planned better.  There are multiple types of crystals with different effects, and the platforming is as much a puzzle to figure out how to use everything correctly as it is a run & jump challenge.

I got to play Evergate back at Boston FIG last year and have been looking forward to seeing more ever since.  The game launched on Kickstarter today and so far it’s doing pretty well for itself, clearing 30% at the time of this writing.  It’s got a ways to go, though, so check out the trailer below to see if it’s something that makes you happy.