New Release Date Announced for Real-Time Thriller The Occupation

White Paper Games today announced that it has a new release date for The Occupation.

The real-time first-person investigative thriller will now launch on March 5 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC.

According to the Manchester-based studio, the announcement of a new launch date took longer to make due to getting it “organized on all the platforms.”

“We’ve finally been able to lock the release date of The Occupation to March 5, 2019,” White Paper tweeted.

“We’ve had to wait a little longer to get organized on all the platforms, but we’ve had the green light so we should be able to share our last four years of work with you VERY soon.”

Last year, the UK studio planned for its title to be released on October 9.

White Paper, however, revealed in October that it had made the “extremely tough decision” to delay the title.

“We know that right now the game is so close to being complete and ready to play, but we also know that there are some tweaks and improvements that we need to make in order for it to be something that we’re proud to release and an experience that we’re happy to hand over to you all,” the developer said at the time.

“We’ve spent the past four years living in the world of The Occupation, so we see the short delay as a small sacrifice to make sure we create something that values your time.”

Players take control of a journalist in the North West of England in 1987, with the British government putting ‘The Union Act’ into force after a terrorist attack that resulted in the death of 23 people.

As the journalist, players have the opportunity to fight back against The Union Act and its violation of the public’s privacy or make their way through the story without opposing it.