Command Your Own Eldritch Horde in Sea Salt

We’ve seen several recent games where you battle against Eldritch forces and Lovecraftian horror, or play as the cultists that worship them. But are you wishing for a game where you get to play as one of the actual, otherworldly behemoths lurking under the ocean? Well, wish no more! Swedish developer Y/CJ/Y has their new game Sea Salt geared up to go later this year, where your monstrosity can wreak havoc on the town that’s abandoning them, as seen in the first official trailer below! Yay!

You play as Dagon, an Old God who now has to claim their own sacrifice when a new Bishop convinces humans to defy them. This involves commanding hordes of various creatures, cultists and other monsters in a top-down action/strategy game. Your entire force works as one, and its up to you to use it properly, especially when more powerful bosses are trotted out. Sea Salt is due out for PC this Spring, and should hopefully provide a unique take on Eldritch horrors worth checking out.