Detective Pikachu Getting its own Pokémon Trading Cards, Toys, More

Detective Pikachu is a 3DS game where players are solving mysteries with help from a talking Pikachu. It is actually being turned into a feature length film with many fans getting very excited. It doesn’t come out until May 10 but there are special Detective Pikachu products for the Pokémon Trading Card Game and more.

It was just announced today an entire line of merchandise based on the upcoming film will be available April 5. There are special cards and packs featuring Pikachu and Charizard as depicted in the movie. Plush dolls and toys of some characters are on the way from Wicked Cool Toys and Mattel. Clothes and accessories for fans to wear are going to appear on the official merch website, Pokémon Center.

You can take a look at some of the items in the gallery below as well as on the Pokémon site.