The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III Heading West This Fall

After two really good entries in the Legend of Heroes spin-off series, fans have been eager, to say the least, on any news of whether the already-released third entrant would ever make its way to the West given the fourth and final game has already been made available in Japan having released last September. Well NISA finally broke the news that, yes, The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel III is finally heading to North America and Europe — releasing, for the moment, on PS4 alone in the Fall of this year.

NISA have also stated that they will be in charge of both localization of the game as well as its publishing in both territories; previously, it was Xseed Games that had handled publishing for both the first and second games in North America. As to a potential PC release — to sit alongside the already-available PC ports of both Trails of Cold Steel I & II — sadly fans will have to settle for Sony’s platform for the time being. We’ve reached out to NISA as to any potential future platforms for the game. No specific release date was provided. Check out the announcement trailer for Trails of Cold Steel III’s arrival in the West below.