The Power of Obey Me Compels Us

In a Tweet confirming the announcement, Error 404 Game Studios introduces its upcoming “holypunk” brawler: Obey Me. Incredibly reminiscent of titles like Diablo and Victor Vran, Obey Me is a 3D co-op experience that has us playing as Soul Huntress Vanessa Held and her Hell hound, Monty. With vicious move sets and combos at our disposal, we’re here to take out the demon trash and take down giant monsters. Error 404 Game Studios is still working hard with development, as we won’t see Obey Me until Q3 2019. Despite this, we can remain patient as publisher Blowfish Studios plans to release a prequel comic for the title in March 2019 to satisfy our anticipation.  Obey Me has plans to launch on Steam, PlayStation 4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch later this year.