New Trailer Showcases the Fast Action of Lapis x Labyrinth

Fast-paced action RPGs are some of the best ways to get into RPGs nowadays, with the genre as a whole being split off into so many different directions. Instead of a turn-based structure, Lapis x Labyrinth uses a super-fast action setup and some unique gimmicks. You have a large group of allies in a stack and attack enemies with a blend of melee attacks and proper platforming. There’s a lot more of an action-platformer vibe to the game, with the overall goal being to get as much loot as possible. The mix of gold and gems gives you a nice variety of collectables and the highly-detailed art looks interesting. The game is set for release this coming May and shows great promise on both the PS4 and especially the Switch, which excels for games of this type that aren’t going to lose much graphical fidelity on the hardware and gain portability.