Power Rangers Getting Its Own Fighting Game, Releasing for Consoles This April

This close to the unveiling of more of Mortal Kombat 11’s gameplay and content, could developer nWay have intended to put a dent (or at least attempt to) in NetherRealm’s recent buzz? Either way, it looks like Power Rangers are also entering the fighting genre with a new video game iteration to the nearly three decade-old IP in the form of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid with planned releases across all consoles and PC.

Battle for the Grid is described as a team combat fighter featuring both rangers and villains from the series among its character roster. Though the game is confirmed to support cross-play, it looks like Sony is once again not playing ball on the affair with the feature only supporting those across Xbox, Switch & PC. The game also features cross-progression, meaning players can transfer their save files from one platform to another. Though the game will feature both online and offline play, the mention of additional content and game modes added to after release — as well as the lack of clarity on what modes specifically — does bring into question what modes exactly will be available day one. Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid launches this April for PS4, Xbox One & Switch, with a PC release to follow thereafter. Check out the game’s debut tease below.