Screenshot Saturday Featuring Silt, DOOMBLADE, Many More

Another weekend arrives, and with it comes yet another edition of Screenshot Saturday, where developers use the #screeshotsaturday tag on Twitter to help promote their latest and/or most important projects, and we highlight a crop of the ones that stood out! We’ve commented on how light things have been these past few weeks, still getting adjusted to the new year and all, but with PAX South now in full swing this weekend, some more interesting titles seem to be popping up, and we expect more to come soon! So without further ado, let’s get right into things…

Silt- As games such as Subnautica have previously shown us, oceans – normal or alien – tend to be filled with a lot of wonder, horror, and mystery. So far this 2D title tends to focus more on the latter two, though, as evidenced by the massive, ominous statues here belonging to forgotten civilizations, enhanced by the monochrome palette. It certainly looks like an intriguing underwater world that we can’t wait to see more of soon.

DOOMBLADE- Having just been recently revealed, details are still minimal when it comes to this latest title from Muro Studios. We do know right now, though, that it’s a metroidvania game, that players wield the titular weapon, and that our main character is deceptively cute. Oh, and that you’re assisted by a Doom Spirit, as seen here, and that the graphics are rather gorgeous. So yes, mark this down as one to watch as well.

Black Future ’88- So not only is this a synth-punk run-and-gun roguelike game where explosions cause a nuclear rain that creates a permanent 1988 which you have to stop by climbing a living tower before your heart explodes in less than twenty minutes…but now you’re telling us said living tower is capable of doing drugs as well??…I think I’m actually crying tears of joy over this game’s gleefully insane presence by now.

Baba is You- As seen in previous tweets and GIFs, a puzzle game that you can basically program in countless ways leads to a lot of wacky scenarios and contraptions, but it is important to remind ourselves that it is still a puzzle game with end goals. And the best way to do that is with a simple yet clever demonstration of the game’s central mechanic when it comes to bypassing an obstacle, as seen here. Unique stuff indeed!

ETHEREAL- What we have here is an quirky puzzler that gained more prominence when it was announced as a nominee for the IGF Awards earlier this month…though ironically, it was nominated for Excellence in Audio, which we can’t get across through a GIF. What it does get across, though, is a display of its surreal, minimalistic visuals, and intriguing, mind-bending gameplay. Whether it wins or not, it should be worth checking out later.

Go Go Kudamono- Feel free to insert your own MST3K jokes here, folks. But while we don’t have Miles O’Keefe here, what we do have is an impressive tribute to 16-bit action games with some amazing, colorful graphics and a bit of humor. And indeed, you really do have to a find some joy and a little giggle in seeing a lime prince take on a giant underground centipede.

Steel Circus- As seen with Sparc and Laser League these past two years, there’s always room in our end-of-year awards for at least one non-traditional futuristic sports game. And this year, Steel Circus looks like the type of arcade-esque fun that can easily emerge as a front-runner for a nomination, even if the robot players can be capable of whiffing shots like this at times.

Chango Mambo- Okay, so what we have here is a multiplayer brawler where lemur steals a cowboy hat and then jumps onto an exploding post-apocalyptic dune buggy…you know what, just take my money already. The description of this one scene alone is enough to sell me on this game.

Punch Planet- Some might say that bringing a laser pistol to a fist fight is a cheap move. That may be, but it doesn’t stop the combos created with the assistance of it from being any less impressive. The game is available in Early Access right now, in case you want to see if you’re capable of landing impressive sci-fi punches like this as well.

Kemono Heroes- Okay, even with the knowledge that this cute platformer is about a moon god that transforms forest critters into stone, you still can’t help but feel a little creeped out when you see effects of the transformation up close. It does at least suggest one impressive level that sees you racing for cover, though, so consider that a slight silver lining to the wrath of a vengeful god.

NetherWorld- Well, we suppose you can’t tell the story of an otherworldly jellyfish creature experiencing a marriage crisis – yes, seriously – without a scene where our unlucky-in-love protagonist gets a makeover in an attempt to move on. My suggestion? The Stormtrooper helmet, of course. Always a great conversation starter when it comes to the ladies.

Roterra- A mobile fairy tale puzzle game where – as the title may suggest – you have to rotate various pieces of scenery to create paths that allow our heroine to advance. It sounds simple enough on the surface, but then you get a scene such as this which may suggest a nice and meaty challenge ahead. It certainly looks imposing, but also quite fun as well.