The Hong Kong Massacre Starts the Killing Early on Steam

Waiting is for patient people.  The Hong Kong  Massacre is a top-down kill-crazy shooter with acrobatic dodge moves best appreciated in slow motion.  It’s been in development for a good long while now, getting prettier with every incarnation, and its release date is scheduled to be January 22.  Or now.  Now is good.  The Hong Kong Massacre is a game of hard-boiled revenge in the seediest parts of the city, dark and gritty, and yet somehow has all the particles of the most neon-infused arcade shooter lighting up the place.  Walls shatter, furniture flies everywhere, sparks from the gun barrels fly across the screen, and blood gets everywhere.  The city’s underbelly is going to be torn apart brick by splinter, and the carnage can start immediately thanks to the surprise release of The Hong Kong Massacre.

This does come with a slight disclaimer, though, because while the PC version is available now the planned PS4 release is only available in Europe and Australia, with the US version coming along at an unspecified time that will be as soon as possible.