CrossCode Finally Coming To Nintendo Switch

Some things go perfectly together, in the classic peanut-butter-and-chocolate way.  Massive hi-res bombast wants a big screen, FPS goes best with a mouse and keyboard, and CrossCode would be perfect on Nintendo Switch.  That last one has been pure wishful thinking for a while but as of today it’s gotten a status update from “If Only” to “Soon-ish”.  CrossCode is a pixel-art action RPG that did nicely for itself on Indiegogo in 2015, cleared Early Access last September, and never once stopped building its fan-base in the intervening years.  It’s a vast, lengthy, Secret of Mana-esque epic with fast-paces battles and Zelda-style dungeons to keep your brain busy, set across multiple large areas with plenty of secrets to chase after.  If you’re curious there’s a demo on PC available either on Steam or a web version at the CrossCode site, but the reveal trailer below should have enough info to get you ready for whenever the game may come out in the coming year.