Cyberpunk Extreme Sports Platformer FutureGrind Available Now

Do you miss the crazed 2D flips and stunts of the SNES semi-classic Uniracers? Have you also wanted a more intense version of it that involved having to match tire and ground colors when you land? What about a cyberpunk theme as well? If you answered yes to any of those questions, then do developers Milkbag Games have the title for you with FutureGrind. And if you didn’t answer yes, you may want to still pay attention anyway, as it looks like they may have crafted a fun stunt racer which is available right now.

Set sometime in the future, FutureGrind sees you participating in the sport of future, competing in the pro circuit. But when you find yourself hooking up a slightly shady sponsor, things start getting a bit odd, as seen in the launch trailer below. Featuring over thirty tracks and several different bikes with unique styles alongside some eye-catching graphics and a nifty techno soundtrack, the game should give you a lot to work with as pull off several insane tricks throughout it all. FuruteGrind is available now for PS4, PC, and Switch, and may be a unique sports game worth checking out.