Miasma Caves Emerges Into the Fresh Air of Early Access

The thing about caves is there could be anything down there and there’s no guarantee it’s breathable.  Miasma Caves’ caverns don’t have anything deadly in the way of monsters wandering around but poison gas is another thing entirely, and it’s slowly chipping away at dragon-girl explorer Lesath’s health bar while she’s down there.  She’s got time to explore but not a lot of it, so needs to be efficient if she wants to bring back enough relics and other treasure to make the expedition worthwhile.  Torches, guidance stones, ropes, and other gear cost money and are of limited use, and upgrading the stores in the village to sell better gear isn’t cheap either.  Thankfully the magical cave only keeps its current layout as long as you need it to, resetting to refill itself with a new layout and more goodies when triggered.  It makes for a nice cycle of explore, bring back loot, reset and explore for more, without having to worry that anything other than the cave itself is trying to kill you.

Miasma Caves released today on Early Access with plans to complete its development cycle this year.  The one disclaimer I’ll make is that updates should come hard and fast to see it live up to its potential, polishing off a number of jagged edges while adding new content along the way.  It’s got a lot of potential although still very rough, but with a little care and a busy development cycle should make for a fun round of fantasy spelunking exploration.