Monkey King-Inspired Unruly Heroes Available Now, Gets Launch Trailer

Last month we reported that Magic Design Studios’ Journey to The West-inspired action-platformer Unruly Heroes would be delayed until Early 2019, after a 2018 release window was originally planned. Thankfully, though, it looks like we didn’t have to suffer through much of a delay in the end. Unruly Heroes is indeed available right now for all to check out, complete with a meaty launch trailer below.

Following the tale of the four titular heroes as they set out to reassemble the Sacred Scroll, the clip gives us arguably our biggest look at the game yet. We get to see every character in action with all of their various skills, in both co-op and multiplayer combat, spread out across a variety of gorgeous, hand-drawn worlds. We also get to see some impressive bosses, enemies, and character designs in general. But does Unruly Heroes play as good as it looks? Is it a worthy successor to the likes of Rayman Legends? Needless to say, we’ll find out soon. Unruly Heroes is available now for XB1, PC, and Switch.