Wargroove Finally Arrives, Releasing Next Week

After nearly two years of being in the public domain with next-to-no details on when it might be available, UK-based developer and publisher Chucklefish took to today’s Nintendo Indie Highlights reel to reveal the big news that yes, Wargroove has itself a release date. And a fairly soon one at that with the studio confirming that the game will (at long last) be available next week, February 1 to be exact.

Needless to say, Wargroove’s clear harkening to the likes of Advance Wars — a beloved turn-based strategy title that, while not being the debut title for the grander Wars series, certainly got a lot of Western attention via the 2001 iteration for the Game Boy Advance — alongside Chucklefish’s already-proven pedigree as both a developer and publisher alike with games such as Starbound, Risk of Rain and Stardew Valley, has built itself a steady amount of interest for the game. Wargroove will be available across Xbox One, Switch & PC with a PS4 iteration to follow sometime in the near future.