Resident Evil 2 Guide: Mr. Raccoon Toy Locations

Outside of the obvious huge changes to the flow and pacing of Resident Evil 2, there were a couple of things added to be a little more modern. One of those things happen to be collectibles. This remake has you tracking down fifteen Mr. Raccoon toys in both campaigns and with it comes an absolutely fantastic reward: a knife with unlimited durability.

Knives are a precious resource as you can cut and slash away at a downed zombie without having to waste bullets, but unlike past games, these knives break. The ones you unlock by destroying all 15 Mr. Raccoon Toys do not break, thus making the game far easier. Unfortunately, you will need to beat the game at least once and go through the 2nd Run mode with one of the other characters at least halfway through.

We have put together the locations of all 15 Mr. Raccoon Toys to hopefully help you in your travels. We will be going to list them in order of potentially finding them in Leon’s adventure first, then Claire’s. We’ll try and keep the spoilers down to a minimum, but there still might be some.

If you’re looking for a guide that outlines all the puzzles, you can find them here. If you want a guide for all the safe and locker combinations, along with secrets, be sure to head over here.

Police Station: West Office (1F)

The first of many, this can be found very early on in the game when you get to the office where it’s Leon’s job to figure out the two locks to his new desk. It’s located on the top shelf on the northern wall of the room.


Police Station: S.T.A.R.S. Office (2F)

On the second floor just as you first meet the Licker, go into the all to familiar S.T.A.R.S. Office. In the corner of the south east table, behind some boxes and an old CRT TV you will find Mr. Raccoon just chilling.


Police Station: Firing Range (B1)

After coming across Ada for the first time, head out to the eastern door of the garage and take the first door on the left to find the firing range. This might be the first time you will realize this is collectathon as the instructions are on the  counter. The figure itself is located at the back corner of the firing range where there are suspicious bodies laying about.


Police Station: Break Room (1F)

As you’re in the process of the basement puzzle, you will go back up into the RPD. Up the stairs you will come up on the break room (and safe room) and there will be a figure located in the bedroom behind a dufflebag. This is easily missed as there’s not too much in this room to begin with.


Police Station: East Hallway (2F)

After you’re able to use the crank on a shutter on the second floor just down the hall of the crashed helicopter, you will come across a locked door to the Chief’s Office. Just outside of his office will be a couch and an end table. On that table you will find our little raccoon friend. This one is one of the easier ones you can use a knife and not waste a round.


Police Station: Clock Tower Hallway (3F)

After getting the crank to move the bookshelves into place to continue further, you will be on the third floor. Head to the first door on your right and you will find the Clock Tower puzzle. Instead of immediately finishing the puzzle (or waiting until after), go through the door at the other end of the room and at the end of the blocked off hallway you will find Mr Raccoon of the windowsill.


Sewer Entrance (Leon)

This one I believe is a Leon exclusive. After your encounter with the ugly sewer monster, turn around and look in the corner next to the pile of garbage. It will be on a ledge and is hard to miss.


Incinerator Room (Leon)

Another Leon exclusive because this is during your time with Ada. After your encounter with Mr. X, you will enter a safe room with a typewriter and a giant incinerator. To the right of the big blast-door you will find a raccoon on the ground. Of all the figures, this and the last one feel the only ones out of place.


Sewers: Bottom Waterway (Lower)

After your encounter with the big, ugly monsters that like to spit out those chestbursters, you will climb a set of stairs and come upon a door. Instead of going in the door, look to the left of it and you will find a figure behind a desk and some boxes sitting on the ground.


Laboratory: Cafeteria

After getting to the Laboratory, you’ll have to pass through the cafeteria to get to the Nap Room in order to get a new security pass from a corpse. In the cafeteria, take care of all the undead and go to the ladder that goes into the vent. Before going in, look in the opposite direction of the ladder to find a counter where a saltshaker and a raccoon sit side-by-side.


Laboratory: Nap Room

When you get the radio transmitter device in the Laboratory (I believe almost immediately if you’re Claire), you will need to backtrack to the Nap Room where you got your first wristband upgrade. Use the retuning device on the panel at the back to open up the small capsule-like beds where a zombie will fall out and attack you. Kill this one and look in the furthest bed from the door to find the raccoon nicely hidden.


Police Station: Entrance (2nd Run)

This one is exclusive to the 2nd Story mode as you will come across it outside of the locked door when Claire and Leon reunite for pretty much the only time in the game, besides of course the ending. Regardless. Go down and up the stairs of the beginning of the 2nd Run campaign to find a red herb and slightly further in the bushes is a raccoon.


Police Station: East Storage Room (3F) (Claire)

While you may be able to access to the East Storage Room with Leon, the side room attached to it is locked with a Heart Key, which is exclusive to Claire. This one is found on a shelf immediately to the left of when you enter on a box.


Behind R.P.D.: Bus (Claire)

Another one only found in Claire’s playthrough, after successfully exiting the Parking Garage, head all the way through the dog-infested streets until you come upon a bus. You will need to go through this bus to continue forward towards of the Orphanage, and thankfully the raccoon figure is on the dash, which is very hard to miss when you enter.


Orphanage: Nursery (2F) (Claire)

You know where you’re supposed to go, but maybe deviate from it a little bit. Go to the second floor to find the now trashed nursery and immediately upon entering you will see the raccoon sitting in one of the small cubicles.

And there you have it: all fifteen Mr. Raccoon figures located. As I mentioned, this will give you the unbreakable knife which should do wonders for saving ammo. This also unlocks an achievement/trophy.