Hitman 2’s Third Elusive Target Pits Agent 47 Against the World of High Art

It’s often said that the world of high art can be quite cut-throat. It’s normally just a figure of speech, but in the world of Hitman 2, it seems that the old saying can be taken quite literally. Agent 47’s target this time around is one Miranda Jameson, a publicly-respected art appraiser and a quietly feared player in the realm of price-fixing. She’s conducted her business successfully for a while now, but this time she’s gone too far and a request has come in for her to be “retired.”

Players have from now until February 3 to eliminate Jameson on the Isle of Sgàil. Wait too long and this chance will slip right on by. Be careful though, as is the case with every Elusive Target, everyone only gets one shot. Mess it up, and that’s it; Jameson will go to ground and will likely never emerge again.

Hitman 2 is available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. See our review and learn how Agent 47’s latest mission stacks up against his previous assignment.