Screenshot Saturday Featuring N1RV Ann-A, Hoa, Lunark, Many More

Time once again for another round of Screenshot Saturday, where people from all walks of life in the game industry take to Twitter and use the #screenshotsaturday tag in order to showcase their latest projects, and where we get to highlight some of the most promising games that appear as a result of this. And after a few weeks of waiting for more new blood during a beginning-of-the-year lull, it looks like several new game announcements and prominent crowdfunding campaigns are popping up, giving us even more fresh faces to check out! So without further ado, let’s get on with the show…

My Friend Pedro- Well, well, one of the kings of Screenshot Saturday has returned! And the body count for this bizarre bullet ballet of an action game has notably increased by a bit, going by this clip! Heck, one of bungee guys died before this even began, it seems. But even with the absence of any other props like skateboards or frying pans, we still get a gorgeous gunfight that only makes us more excited for the game’s eventual release.

N1RV Ann-A- Everyone’s favorite waifu bartending simulator gets a sequel, and looks like it should still have the sharp writing and wit that made VA-11 Hall-A a success, as evidenced by this conversation between bartender and patron. But I do have to question why swearing is discouraged, yet the “at least a shirt or top” dress code suggests everyone has no problem with customers naked from the waist down. Eh, maybe that’s explained in the full game.

Hoa- Yep, I am still very much a sucker for ridiculously gorgeous, hand-drawn platformers, especially ones that draw inspiration from the likes of Ghibli. And this story of a lost girl attempting to find their way home is clearly putting a ton of effort into filling its world with charm and personality, as evidenced by the rocks here. Now here’s hoping the full gameplay is just as solid…

Evergate- And transitioning from one hand-drawn platformer to another, here we have Evergate. The pic here is arguably more of a reminder for its still-ongoing Kickstarter campaign, but it does shows off our adorable protagonist as they get ready for their adventure in their afterlife. The full campaign definitely shows what this puzzle-platformer is capable of with its intriguing “align-to-shoot” gameplay, so we highly recommend checking it out.

Lunark- Now transitioning between appropriate entries once again, this time to another promising game with a Kickstarter campaign going on right now. Now, though, we have an entire trailer for this sci-fi cinematic platformer about rebelling against an evil regime. Needless to say, it certainly appears like it may do its inspirations such as Flashback and Another World proud, so you should definitely take a look at the full pitch over at Kickstarter.

Beacon- It’s a scenario many of us have encountered in similarly challenging-yet-impressive roguelike action games. Cornered by a swarm of deadly enemies, or even just a few particularly nasty ones. At this point, it feels like the only option is to go out guns a-blazing and try again…unless, by some miracle, you end up surviving. And by a miracle, we of course mean a huge-ass plasma cannon.

Tails of Iron- Well, I suppose we can add yet another entry to the “fantasy rodent adventure” sub-genre that Moss and Ghost of a Tale kicked off last year. I didn’t know we’d actually see more of these oddly specific games pop up, but here we are. Not that anyone’s complaining, though. Far from it, given how gorgeous and fun this RPG/adventure game looks. Blowing away an insect with a tiny medieval rocket launcher never looked so good.

The Dungeon Experience- The creator of the acclaimed graphic adventure game Paradigm is now ready for their latest gleefully bizarre game, where you assist an ordinary dungeon monster in fulfilling their dream of managing a theme park that simulates dungeon crawls. We can’t say if the full experience involves this much leg-breaking, but there would arguably be a lot if you want your park attendees to experience a huge level of true immersion.

Steamhounds- The combo showcased here for this tactical steampunk RPG game does instead look simple yet highly effective. But the true highlight is the part where it shows more of the inner workings, thus providing us with a gimpse on how scenes like this are brought to life. Behind-the-scenes shots such as that are just always a delight to behold, plain and simple.

Dreamscaper- Considering that this is an action RPG about a lucid dreamer battling their own nightmares and personal demons inside of their head, yes, guns may actually come across as a bit jarring or even out of place with a scenario such as this. So indeed, using massive lasers/beams of light was probably the right call. After all, as seen here, it doesn’t appear to hinder what looks like some fun combat one bit.

Linn: Path of Orchards- By now, I think we may be able to easily accept that mobile devices are indeed able to properly handle platformers as long as they find a way to incorporate unique gameplay touches. And yeah, being able to rotate entire levels like this certainly is a unique touch. It may be a burst of dizziness, but it also looks like a burst of excitement as well.

Trootopia- Is it weird that the lighting and water effects are what help the most in allowing this casual strategy game to stand out? After all, just look how unbelievably pretty everything is on top of the eye-catching art style. This is a scene that’s basically just a quick look into the world’s bureaucracy, and yet it is still somehow one of the most beautiful things you will see all weekend.